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121 EPFO adds 14.86 lakh net members in the month of January, 2023 20/03/2023 PDF icon PIB1908873.pdf
122 L20 adopts two Joint Statements on Universalisation of Social Security & Women and Future of Work as outcome of two-day inception meet 20/03/2023 PDF icon PIB1908847.pdf
123 Shri Bhupender Yadav says World has resolved to recover together and make the recovery a human centric process 20/03/2023 PDF icon PIB1908638.pdf
124 L20 inception meeting focuses on universalisation of social security with women at the centre of future of work 19/03/2023 PDF icon PIB1908566.pdf
125 Delegates, experts from 20 nations arrive in Amritsar for Inception meeting of Labour20 under India's G20 presidency 18/03/2023 PDF icon PIB1908371.pdf
126 V V Giri National Labour Institute and ASSOCHAM sign MoU to promote advocacy for labour and employment related policies and reforms 17/03/2023 PDF icon PIB1908025.pdf
127 Employment in major industries increased over the last three years according the PLFS data 16/03/2023 PDF icon PIB1907686.pdf
128 2.67 crore domestic and household women workers registered on e-shram portal 16/03/2023 PDF icon PIB1907685.pdf
129 28.64 crore unorganised workers registered on eShram portal 16/03/2023 PDF icon PIB1907684.pdf
130 16.27 lakh new employees added under ESI Scheme in the month of January 2023 15/03/2023 PDF icon PIB1907274.pdf
131 EPFO extends date for applications regarding pension on Higher wages 13/03/2023 PDF icon PIB1906600.pdf
132 Government to protect the interests of workmen as per the provision of the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 13/03/2023 PDF icon PIB1906434.pdf
133 Code on Social Security, 2020 provides for framing of suitable social security schemes for gig and platform workers 13/03/2023 PDF icon PIB1906433.pdf
134 e-SHRAM portal envisages registration of all unorganised sector workers to create a comprehensive database of unorganised workers 13/03/2023 PDF icon PIB1906432.pdf
135 About 84,000 claims amounting to Rs 174 crore processed during ESIC Special Services Fortnight 10/03/2023 PDF icon PIB1905724.pdf
136 ESIC settles 3724 maternity benefit claims amounting to Rs. 9.3 Crore during the weeklong activities dedicated to celebrate International Women's Day 09/03/2023 PDF icon PIB1905433.pdf
137 Shri Bhupender Yadav says more than 9,000 Jan Aushadhi Kendras have been opened across the country to make health facilities accessible to all 07/03/2023 PDF icon PIB1904851.pdf
138 1st Labour 20 (L20) meeting is scheduled to be held in Amritsar, Punjab, from 19 th to 20th March 2023 05/03/2023 PDF icon PIB1904387.pdf
139 EPFO making all-out efforts to publicize the process of joint option which can be submitted online till 03rd May, 2023 04/03/2023 PDF icon PIB1904228.pdf
140 Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers (2016 equal 100) - January, 2023 01/03/2023 PDF icon PIB1903239.pdf
141 Shri Bhupender Yadav says that the government is working to increase the medical infrastructure of ESIC manifold from 19,000 beds to 28,000 beds and from 160 hospitals to 241 hospitals 24/02/2023 PDF icon PIB1902183.pdf
142 Ministry of Labour and Employment initiates matching of the eShram beneficiaries' data with the Ration Card (National Food Security Act (NFSA)) data 24/02/2023 PDF icon PIB1902147.pdf
143 All-India Consumer Price Index Numbers for Agricultural and Rural Labourers - January, 2023 20/02/2023 PDF icon PIB1900796.pdf
144 EPFO adds 14.93 lakh net members in the month of December, 2022 20/02/2023 PDF icon PIB1900764.pdf
145 More than 18 lakh new workers added under ESI Scheme in the month of December 2022 20/02/2023 PDF icon PIB1900763.pdf
146 Shri Bhupender Yadav announces setting up of new Hospitals at Belagavi (Karnataka), Shamshabad (Telangana), Baramati (Maharashtra), Kishangarh, Ajmer (Rajasthan), Balasore (Odisha), Kurnool (Andhra Pradesh) and Greater Noida (Uttar Pradesh) by ESIC 20/02/2023 PDF icon PIB1900760.pdf
147 Shri Bhupender Yadav inaugurates New Building of Directorate Insurance Medical Services at Panchkula ,lays Foundation Stone of three doctors ESI Dispensaries at Rai and Barhi, Haryana 19/02/2023 PDF icon PIB1900593.pdf
148 'Nirman Se Shakti' initiative presented by the ESIC to modernize ESIS hospital infrastructure 13/02/2023 PDF icon PIB1898876.pdf
149 Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act, 2017, which provides for paid maternity leave to women workers and creche facility by establishments being implemented 13/02/2023 PDF icon PIB1898874.pdf
150 'Nidhi Aapke Nikat' to bring different stakeholders on a common platform, facilitate exchange of ideas and dissemination of information besides grievance redressal 13/02/2023 PDF icon PIB1898872.pdf