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  • Medical Service Rules, Reimbursement of medical expenses and C.G.H.S
  • Identity Cards and Token Cards.
  • Telephones and telephone bills.
  • Sanctions pertaining to Air Travel and Payment of Air Travel Bills for Domestic Travel.
  • Advance for purchases of Computer, House Building Advance etc. Advances/withdrawal from G.P.F
  • Office Equipment and furniture(Purchase and Maintenance)
  • Delhi Official Directory.
  • Purchases, procurement and distribution of Stationery, other consumables and Liveries
  • Reimbursement of Children’s Education Allowance, Tuition Fee, Telephone/Mobile/Broadband.
  • Staff Cars.
  • All Advances Excludes TA advance
  • Leave Travel Concession.
  • Telex/Telephones/EPABX-Maintenance and payment.
  • Issue of ‘No Demand’ Certificate to Government Servants Transferred/retired
  • Passes for Independence Day and Republic Day celebrations.
  • Organizing social and welfare activities by way of establishments of clubs and recreational centres for members of staff.
  • Collection for Armed Forces Day, TB seals etc
  • Maintaining First Aid Box
  • House-keeping and General sanitation of the building
  • Opening and closing of rooms.
  • Liaison with CPWD, NDMC, etc in respect of maintenance of the Building
  • Decoration and maintenance of indoor and outdoor plants
  • To interact with other departments/agencies like Delhi Police, Fire Department and CPWD in connection with security, fire safety and maintenance of building, respectively
  • Upkeep and Booking of Committee Rooms for different meetings organized by divisions/sections within the ministry and other bodies under the administrative control of ministry
  • Organize and manage other events like Retirement of employees
  • Lending help to other divisions in case of any exigency, as and when required, like providing logistic support at the venues outside the building for the Meetings/Workshops held at national/international level.
  • Providing and maintenance of logistic support in the ministry viz. photocopier, computer, AC, Water Cooler, Water Ro System, Local Area Network etc.