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Labour Documents and Reference Centre


About the Labour Document Reference Centre(LDRC)

The Labour Document Reference centre(LDRC) is one of the oldest libraries of the Government of India. It was established in 1917 as a Department of Labour library . In 1965, the library was moved from North Block to Shram Shakti Bhawan. The library was named Labour Document Reference Centre in the year 1980.The library has a unique and rare collection .This has got very special collection of books relating to Social Security, Child Labour, Woman Labour, Industrial Relations, Labour History, Labour Movement etc. The library is managed by well qualified/skilled staff and has accumulated a good collection of Books, Reports, Journals etc.


The objective of Labour Document Reference Centre is to fulfil the information needs of officers and officials of Ministry of Labour and Employment . It is committed to provide good quality, cost effective library and information services to the users. It also preserves and houses the collection of Labour Documents for posterity.

Library Collection

The Library has about 80,000 documents and a large collection of Official Reports including Rare Documents of British Era like Royal Commission Report on Labour etc . It also houses Annual Reports Of Ministry of Labour and Employment since 1951,Some selected parts of Gazette of India, All India Reporter, Indian Factories and Labour Reports, Indian Labour Journals, Important Reports of the Commissions appointed by Ministry Of Labour and Employment, Encyclopedia , Manual of Central Acts and Rules, India Code etc. as a reference source.

Library Services

The Labour Document Reference Centre operations and services have been computerized using an integrated library software package LIBSYS. The system supports data entry and retrieval in English and Hindi . All new documents received in the library are fed on regular basis in the LIBSYS. The Labour Document Reference Centre follows Open Access System for users. It provides various information and other services to its members as given below:

OPAC(Online Public Access catalogue)
OPAC is the most finest and convenient medium of searching documents available in the library. Labour Document Reference centre’s document collections are searchable

Reference Services

The Labour Document Reference Centre is providing facility to consult documents, books and other reference material which can’t be issued. It also provides Current Awareness Service (CAS), List of New Additions, Bibliography etc. and providing information on telephone .LDRC provides consultation services for the outsider users with the permission of Dy.Secretary (LDRC).

Press Clipping services

The Labour Document Reference Centre provides National and International Labour News and other allied News through Newspaper Clipping to the Hon’ble Labour and Employment Minister(LEM), Hon’ble MOS(L&E), Secretary(L &E) and other Ministry Officers.


§ Books and publications(As per Library Rules)
§ Periodicals/Newspapers(As per Library Rules)

Inter Library Loan

Labour Document Reference Centre also provides inter Library Loan Services to meet the demand of the members in better way.


Labour Document Reference Centre is responsible for the selection and purchase of Books(Hindi/English) through library committee. LDRC also procure magazines, Newspapers, Gazette of India etc. Library acquires and maintains all documents for the use of Officers and Officials of this Ministry.

Technical Services

For easy access of users, All documents are classified by Colon Classification (CC) scheme and catalogued by Colon Classified Catalogue (CCC) Online.

Other activities of LDRC

  • Enrolment of Membership and Issuance of NOC
  • Binding of documents
  • Weeding out of obsolete books/documents through Weeding Out Committee.
  • Writing off of lost books.