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Andhra Pradesh                Amendments in Labour Laws

  1. For applicability of the Act, the minimum number of workmen in establishment or with contractor is increased from 20 to 50.
  1. For applicability of Chapter V-B regarding “pre-condition of permission from the Appropriate Government, notices, compensation for lay-off, retrenchment, closure”, the minimum number of workmen in the industrial establishment is increased from 100 to 300 workmen.
  2. No dispute between the workman and his employer connected with or arising out of discharge, dismissal, retrenchment or termination will be treated as an industrial dispute if any such dispute is not raised in conciliation proceeding within a period of three years from the date of such discharge, dismissal, retrenchment or termination.
  3. Explanation of “Go Slow” is provided:- It means “any such activity by any number or persons, employed in any industry, acting in combination or with common understanding, to slow down or to delay the process of production or work purposely whether called by work to rule or by any other name so as the fixed or average or normal level of production or work or output of workman or workmen of the establishment is not achieved”.
  1. Facilitating ease of doing business and ease of compliance of Labour Laws specified in the First Schedule (14 Acts).
  2. An Integrated Registration and a Combined Annual Return under such labour laws as specified in First Schedule.
  3. The Government by notification may amend the forms and  remove difficulties in giving effect to the provisions of the Act.