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Governance Reforms            

The Government has formulated Transparent Inspection Policy/Schemevide Letter No-3561-3641 dated 27/06/2016 with the following objectives:-

  1. To achieve the objective of simplifying business regulations.
  2. To regulate the implementation of statutory provisions under various labour laws in transparent and accountable manner through wide scale adoption of technology and innovation
  3. To protect the rights of workers in relation to their Safety, Health and Welfare as also other conditions of employment in the spirit and manner as envisaged in the law
  4. To eliminate the arbitrariness and adhocism in the actions of inspecting authorities as also to curb the malpractices and harassment of the industrial and other establishments with a view to improve the ease of doing business.

The Government has formulated Self Certification Scheme -vide Notification No. 11/39/2016-4Lab dated 10th August, 2016 with the following objectives:-

  1. To effectively protect the interest of the workers as well as the employers and entrepreneurs
  2. To create a friendly and safe environment and relationship between the Employer and the Employees
  3. To curtail visits of Government officials for inspection without compromising on the safety, health, social security and welfare of the workers as provided under the various labour enactments.

The Government has formulated  Third Party Certification / Audit Scheme - vide Notification No. 11/38/2016-4Lab dated 10th August, 2016 with the following objectives:-

  1. To facilitate the entrepreneurs for making the compliance of the provisions of the various labour laws and Rules framed thereunder
  2. To curtail the unnecessary visits of inspecting officers.

The Government has formulated  Haryana Silicosis Rehabilitation Policy - vide Notification No. 6/75/2016-1lab dated 4th January, 2017 with the following objectives:-

  1. An integrated policy for the rehabilitation / integration of the workers suffering from silicosis.
  2. It willensure the treatment, Compensation, rehabilitation and provisions of various welfare measures to the workers suffering from the incurable disease of Silicosis.