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Acts and Rules administered by the Division 186

Acts and Rules administered by the Division

The subject of Labour is placed in the Concurrent List of the Constitution of India, which empowers both Central and State Governments to make laws on various labour matters. With globalization and Liberalization there had been many changes in the socio - economic conditions throughout the World. The open trade policy warranted the Labour laws to be updated to match with the changing needs. All the Labour enactments are of immense value to the nation as they have a direct bearing with the common man because Indian industries till date are manpower intensive and Workers are the most important asset/backbone of the Country whose interest cannot be compromised at any cost. The Central Labour Laws administered by the IR Division are as under:-

  1. Industrial Disputes Act, 1947
  2. The Trade Unions Act, 1926
  3. The Plantations Labour Act, 1951
  4. The Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act, 1946
  5. The Weekly Holidays Act, 1942
  6. The Participation of Workers in Management Bill, 1990

Besides handling the above mentioned Central Acts, the following State Acts are also examined in the Ministry to ensure whether the amendments proposed by the states are Constitutionally valid; whether there is any conflict with any existing Central Law, and, if so, whether the conflict may be consciously permitted; and whether the proposed State enactments involve any deviation from existing national or Central policy to its detriment, or would be hindrance to enactment of uniform laws for the country.

  1. The Shops & Establishments Act.
  2. The National & Festival Holidays Act.