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BRICS 2016

BRICS Employment Working Group Meeting

BRICS urbanization forum

The Labour and Employment Ministers of BRICS Nations met for the first time at Ufa, Russia in January 2016 to deliberate upon core labour and employment issues concerning them like informality in the labour market, labour mobility, social security and ensuring decent work with the aim to attain the sustainable goals of poverty alleviation and employment generation..

The First BRICS Labour and Employment Ministers recognized that setting up of an Employment Pillar is essential and thus laid the foundation of BRICS Employment Working Group (BEWG).

The Labour and Employment Ministers of BRICS countries met again at the margins of 105th Session of International Labour Conference in Geneva, Switzerland, from 30th May-10th June, 2016 and discussed issues of common interest to the group like employment generation, SMEs, transition to informality and possible modes of cooperation amongst them.

The First Employment Working Group meeting is scheduled to be held on 27-28 July, 2016 at Hyderabad under the Indian Presidency to deliberate upon issues like signing of social security agreement and setting up of a network of lead labour institutions of the BRICS countries. This meeting will be followed by a BRICS Ministerial Meeting in September, 2016.

BRICS urbanization forum