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Introduction(LC & ILAS)

Main Activities of Labour Conferences (LC) Section of Ministry of Labour & Employment

  • Deputation of India's tripartite delegation to the International Labour Conference of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) held annually at Geneva, Switzerland - the Headquarters of ILO
  • Deputation of official delegation to attend three meetings of Governing Body of ILO held during March, June and November every year, other regional conferences/meetings, technical/sectoral meetings and seminars of ILO.
  • Bi-lateral and multi-lateral technical cooperation projects and programmes.
  • Foreign deputation of officials of Ministry of Labour & Employment on fellowship programmes offered by International Labour Organisation.
  • Bilateral exchange/visit of delegations led by Hon’ble Labour Minister to friendly countries and vice versa
  • Obtaining administrative approval and financial sanction for remitting India’s annual contribution to ILO in foreign exchange, and other administrative matters regarding ILO’s office in India.
  • Organisation of National Conferences viz., Indian Labour Conference, Standing Labour Committee, and State Labour Ministers’ Conference and monitoring follow up action on the conclusions thereof.

Main Activities of ILAS of Ministry of Labour

  • Examination of specific issues on the agenda of the various Committees of the Governing Body of the ILO held in March, June and November every year and the International Labour Conference (ILC) held in June every year and deciding the view to be taken by the Government of India and thereby preparing appropriate interventions for the Government of India delegates.
  • Examination of questionnaires relating to standard setting, revision or withdrawal, circulated by the ILO Secretariat, in consultation with the concerned Central Ministries/Departments; State Governments and the social partners and preparing suitable replies to the questionnaires.
  • Examination of the draft text of the instruments proposed to be adopted by the ILO in consultation with the concerned Central Ministries, State Governments and the social partners, taking a decision on whether or not to support their adoption and preparing appropriate interventions for the Government delegates..
  • Submission of the instruments adopted by the ILO to the competent authority, i.e., Parliament in our case for its information to fulfil the obligation under article 19 of the ILO Constitution.
  • Examination of Conventions and Recommendations adopted by the ILO in the light of National laws and practices in consultations with the concerned Central Ministries/Departments, State Governments/UTs and the social partners. Ratification of those Conventions of the ILO to which our National laws and practices conforms their provisions and accordingly informing the ILO about the decision of the Government.
  • Ratification of an ILO Convention is a voluntary process. The practice followed by India so far has been that a Convention is ratified only when the national laws and practices are in conformity with the provisions of the Convention in question. India has so far ratified 47 ILO Convention and 1 protocol. The unratified convention of the ILO is also reviewed at appropriate intervals in relation to our National laws and practices.
  • Preparation of periodical Reports on unratified ILO Conventions under Article 19 of the ILO Constitution indicating the position of National laws and practices vis-à-vis the provisions of the Conventions. Similarly, periodical Reports on ratified Conventions of the ILO are prepared under Article 22 of the ILO Constitution indicating how the provisions of the Conventions are being implemented in the country. The Reports on the priority Conventions are required to be submitted after every two years while the non-priority ones are to be submitted after every five years. These reports are due to be sent to the ILO between 1st June and 1st September every year.
  • Preparing appropriate comments and relevant replies to the Observations and Direct Requests made by the Committee of Experts on the Application of Conventions and Recommendations on the implementation of the various provisions of various Conventions ratified by India.
  • Preparation of Reports on unratified core or fundamental Conventions of the ILO every year under the Annual review under the Follow–up to the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work indicating how the principles involved in the Core Conventions are being ensured in the country.
  • Convening at appropriate intervals a tripartite meeting of Committee on Conventions to discuss with the social partners various issues related to the ILO Standards and positions of the Government of India thereon.
  • Examination of cases against India before the ILO’s Committee on Freedom of Association and other miscellaneous complaints for violation of infringement of principles of freedom of association and collective bargaining.
  • Dealing with matters pertaining to other obligations arising out of India being a member of the ILO. For example, requirement to take a stand and convey our views on issues like Myanmar case, stand to be taken by the ILO on various issues in meetings of various UN bodies like WTO, World Conference against Racism, special UN Assembly on Ageing, World Summit on Sustainable Development, etc.
  • Matters relating to HIV/AIDS AND THE WORLD OF WORK including National Policy on HIV/AIDS, Global Fund Grant for Prevention and Care Services for unorganized/migrant workers in selected states/sectors, Appointment of Nodal Officers in Ministries/Departments, States/UTs, PSUs, Employers and Workers Organizations, USDOL assisted Project on Prevention of HIV/AIDS – A Tripartite Response and all coordination work with MOLE institutions, ILO, NACO etc.

G-20 Related Activities

  • Examination of core issues on the agenda of the various preparatory meetings of G-20 Labour and Employment Ministers’ Meeting which is held every year
  • Preparation of stand, talking points, briefs, interventions and presentations in consultation with the nodal Ministry, relevant Ministries and relevant Bureaus of Ministry of Labour& Employment
  • Examination of issues and preparation of inputs/comments for the G-20 Finance Ministers’ Meeting which is held every year
  • Providing inputs/comments to ILO for the preparation of Country Brief for G-20 Meetings