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Grants-in-Aid Scheme

Grants in Aid Scheme

Funds under Grants-in-Aid Scheme are sanctioned directly to NGO for elimination of Child Labour in districts not covered by NCLP Scheme. Under the scheme voluntary agencies are given financial assistance by the Ministry of Labour on the recommendation of the State Government to the extent of 75% of the project cost for the rehabilitation of working children. Voluntary organizations have been receiving funds under the scheme since 1979-80. Currently, about 70 voluntary agencies are being assisted.

Click Here Download (194 KB) to view the details of the scheme.

You can view the details of year wise fund released under Grant in Aid Scheme by clicking on any of the year below in the table:

S.No. Title Attachment
1 2005-06 (Download 149.18 KB) PDF icon Release2005-06.pdf
2 2006-07 (Download 101.99 KB) PDF icon Release2006-07.pdf
3 2007-08 (Download 131.3 KB) PDF icon Release2007-08.pdf
4 2008-09 (Download 16.73 KB) PDF icon Release2008-09.pdf
5 2009-10 (Download 17.76 KB) PDF icon Release2009-10.pdf
6 2010-11 (Download 134.9 KB) PDF icon Release2010-11.pdf
7 2011-12 (Download 57.28 KB) PDF icon 2011-12.pdf
8 2012-13 (Download 50.17 KB) PDF icon 2012-13.pdf