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1 e-SHRAM portal allows an unorganised worker to register himself or herself on portal on self-declaration basis under 400 occupations in 30 broad occupation sectors 21/12/2023 PDF icon Download The file (71.88 KB) pdf Icon
2 More than 29.21 crore unorganized workers registered on e-SHRAM portal 14/12/2023 PDF icon Download The file (68.03 KB) pdf Icon
3 eShram card to issued to 29.20 crore unorganised workers registered on eShram portal 11/12/2023 PDF icon Download The file (77.66 KB) pdf Icon
4 Features of ESHRAM Portal 07/12/2023 PDF icon Download The file (78.67 KB) pdf Icon
5 Physical centres to register gig workers on e-shram portal 10/08/2023 PDF icon Download The file (89.67 KB) pdf Icon
6 Salient features of e-Shram portal 27/07/2023 PDF icon Download The file (111.01 KB) pdf Icon
7 Utilisation of Funds Regarding E-Shram Portal 20/07/2023 PDF icon Download The file (91.51 KB) pdf Icon
8 India makes presentation on e-Shram, world's largest database of unorganised workers and National Career Service Portal during 4th G20 EWG meeting 19/07/2023 PDF icon Download The file (164.96 KB) pdf Icon
9 Shri Bhupender Yadav launches new features in eShram Portal to enhance utility of the portal and facilitate ease of registration for unorganised workers 24/04/2023 PDF icon Download The file (155.96 KB) pdf Icon
10 E-Shram integrated with UMANG mobile application to provide on-the-go registration and updation facilities to unorganised workers 03/04/2023 PDF icon PIB1913472.pdf
11 Data of more than 2.6 crore Building and Construction Workers registered on E-Shram portal being shared with States: Shri Bhupender Yadav 27/03/2023 PDF icon PIB1911291.pdf
12 Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maan-Dhan (PM-SYM) scheme to provide old age pension to unorganized sector workers 23/03/2023 PDF icon PIB1909995.pdf
13 eShram data being shared with State Governments and Central Ministries for monitoring and targeted delivery of social security schemes 23/03/2023 PDF icon PIB1909993.pdf
14 2.67 crore domestic and household women workers registered on e-shram portal 16/03/2023 PDF icon PIB1907685.pdf
15 28.64 crore unorganised workers registered on eShram portal 16/03/2023 PDF icon PIB1907684.pdf
16 e-SHRAM portal envisages registration of all unorganised sector workers to create a comprehensive database of unorganised workers 13/03/2023 PDF icon PIB1906432.pdf
17 Ministry of Labour and Employment initiates matching of the eShram beneficiaries' data with the Ration Card (National Food Security Act (NFSA)) data 24/02/2023 PDF icon PIB1902147.pdf
18 e-SHRAM Portal registration facility available at over 4 lakh CSC centres across the country 02/02/2023 PDF icon PIB1895849.pdf
19 Data on Migrant Workers in the E-Shram Portal 08/12/2022 PDF icon PIB1881764.pdf
20 Unorganized Workers Registered on E-Shram Portal 25/07/2022 PDF icon PIB1844652.pdf
21 E-Shram Registered Unorganised Workers Getting Decent Jobs through NCS 20/04/2022 PDF icon PIB1818405.pdf
22 Implementation of e-SHRAM Card Scheme 24/03/2022 PDF icon PIB1809231.pdf
23 Nearly 46 lakh unorganized workers have been registered under the Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maan-dhan pension scheme 02/12/2021 PDF icon PIB1777392.pdf
24 More than 10 crore unorganized workers registered on E-shram portal in less than 100 days 01/12/2021 PDF icon PIB1776993.pdf
25 All round efforts led by Union Minister Shri Bhupender Yadav yields huge success in registration at E-shram portal 21/11/2021 PDF icon PIB1773750.pdf
26 More than 4 crore unorganized workers registered at e-Shram Portal, India's first National Database on Unorganized Workers 17/10/2021 PDF icon PIB1764496.pdf
27 More than 3 crore unorganized workers registered on E-shram portal. 08/10/2021 PDF icon PIB1762245.pdf
28 Over 1.7 crore registrations in a month at E-Shram portal-the National Database of Unorganized Workers. 26/09/2021 PDF icon PIB1758218.pdf
29 Labour Minister Shri Bhupender Yadav distributes e-Shram Cards and approval letters for Relief Schemes to unorganized workers in Mumbai 25/09/2021 PDF icon PIB1758128.pdf
30 Registration of Unorganized Workers picks pace across the Country, more than 1 crore registered on e-shram portal 19/09/2021 PDF icon PIB1756278.pdf