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Seniority list of CLS Officers
S.No. Order Number Title Download
61 Non-Functional Selection Grade (NFSG) to JAG OF CLS Officers 1.03 MB
62 Posting/Transfer of JAG Officers of CLS On Promotion. 787.23 KB
63 Promotion cum Posting of Shri. V.K. Khare 794.08 KB
64 Transfer/Posting of JTS Officer of CLS 1.43 MB
65 Transfer/Posting of STS Officer. (Smt. Aseema Mishra) 140.64 KB
66 Transfer/Posting of STS Officers of CLS. (Sh. Amarkant Goyal) 1.01 MB
67 Posting/Transfer of STS Officers of CLS. 1.93 MB
68 Posting/Transfer of JAG Officers of CLS. 1.74 MB
69 Posting /Transfer of Officers of CLS . 1.52 MB
70 Reversion of Sh. Amarkant Goyal 183.89 KB
71 Transfer posting of JAG of CLS officers 410.82 KB
72 Transfer posting of STS of CLS officers 392.15 KB
73 NFU for JTS 76.93 KB
74 Transfer/ posting of STS Officers 34.67 KB
75 Transfer Posting of STS(16/08/2013) 1.68 MB