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Seniority list of CLS Officers
S.No. Date Title Download
1 Guidelines of Posting/Transfer of various Grades of officers of Central Labour Services- regarding 1.56 MB
2 Final Seniority List of Junior Time Scale (JTS) Officers of Central Labour Services- reg. 3.4 MB
3 Revised Posting/Transfer Policy of Central Labour Service (03.03.2021) -reg. 983.46 KB
4 Revision of period of Mandatory Induction level training programme for direct recruit JTS officers of CLS 1.25 MB
5 3rd Cadre Review of CLS (Group 'A')-reg 2.49 MB
6 Recruitment Rules of Central Labour Services 1.61 MB
7 Recruitment Rules of CLS Group A Service reg- 1.91 MB
8 Recruitment Rules of Central Labour Services (23.04.2015) 12.07 MB
9 Training Policy for the CLS Officers dt 27.10.2014 5.04 MB
10 Corrigendum in 2nd Cadre Review dt 02.07.2014 462.04 KB
11 Corrigendum in 2nd Cadre Review. 480.88 KB
12 Job Chart/Work Norms prescribed for CLS Officers.(03.02.2014) 8.98 MB
13 Revised Transfer/posting guidelines of CLS (30.01.2014 ) 2.2 MB
14 Corrigendum in 2nd Cadre Review 873.18 KB
15 2nd Cadre Review of CLS Cadre 314.09 KB